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What is Brake Service and Repair in North Tampa?

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Whether you have a VW Care Maintenance Plan or you are just concerned with the well-being of their Volkswagen, you need to know where to take your precious vehicle for brake service and repair. At Volkswagen of North Tampa, we care about your vehicle as if it was our own. Our certified technicians will handle all of your Volkswagen brake repair needs in Tampa, Florida. Not only do we offer speedy service, but we are close to St. Petersburg and Clearwater, so it’s just a short drive to reach us. You can also bundle services together to make the best use of your time, whether it’s the brake service combined with a regular oil change or a battery check. Schedule a service appointment today.

What is So Important About the VW Brake System?

Your car contains a vast number of brake parts, all which work together in harmony to stop your vehicle when you push down the pedal. While there are different types of brakes, they all work to bring your vehicle to a stop. With disc brakes, which is most common on modern cars, there are brake pads that push against the rotor when you push on the pedal. By doing this, the wheels come to a halt.

Beyond getting brake service and repair for the pads or rotors, there are other components that must be looked at. During a regular brake inspection, the hoses, lines, master cylinder and calipers are also checked. There’s also hydraulic brake fluid that’s required to ensure proper pressure when you push the brake pedal. When you come to our professional repair shop, we are happy to answer any questions you might have about this vital automotive system.

Signs the Brakes are Bad

You want a safe drive when you head out in Tampa, FL. However, if the brakes are working as they should, you are putting yourself in danger. Beyond scheduling the regular brake service and repair for your VW, it’s important to get help if you notice anything unusual. For starters, if the stopping distance is taking longer, there could be something wrong with the brakes.

Additionally, brake problems are evident if you hear screeching sounds. This problem generally indicates that the pads need to be changed. If you don’t schedule that brake service and repair appointment promptly, the brake rotors could go bad, leading to a more expensive auto repair bill. Beyond those symptoms, if you notice anything different with the steering wheel when you push on the pedal, it should be looked at right away.

How Often to Change Brake Pads & Rotors

How often should the brake service and repair appointment be scheduled? Typically, brake replacement occurs every 30,000 and 70,000 miles, depending on how you drive your vehicle. On top of that, the brake rotors might last 30,000 to 80,000 miles. If you take care of this vital system, you won’t need brake repair services as frequently.

Additionally, the brake fluid must be examined during the typical brake service and repair appointment. On average, we recommend brake fluid exchange every three years. However, each vehicle is different, which is why you should always follow your maintenance schedule. If you are hard on your VW, you may also need these services more frequently. That’s why we are happy to provide a brake inspection whenever it’s needed, just to make sure you are protected.

No Reason To Wait

We know it’s difficult to schedule your brake service and repair in Tampa, Florida. Between your busy schedule and tight finances, it seems like an easy appointment to put off, but that’s a poor decision. Not only does a lack of maintenance lead to more wear on your vehicle, but it can put you at risk for an accident if the brake system starts to fail. That’s why you want to schedule your appointments at the recommended times, as per your maintenance outline.

At Volkswagen of North Tampa, we make getting VW maintenance or repairs as easy as possible. You can schedule the service appointment online. Additionally, we ensure that you get in and out during the time of your appointment. It’s our goal to provide speedy service while still maintaining a high level of quality and reliability. It’s hard to find professional service for the same price anywhere else. Find out what makes us different when you schedule with our top-notch technicians today.

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