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Electric Vehicle Service 101: The Secret to Smooth Drives

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Does My Volkswagen EV Really Need Service?

Your Volkswagen Electric vehicle might have ditched gas in favor of a battery for a colossal list of benefits—but even with a different powertrain, you’ll still need to keep up with your vehicle maintenance. After all, your parts still wear over time and will need repairs to help keep your ride in peak condition. And even if everything feels fine while you drive, it never hurts to schedule an inspection to help ensure you’re not riding with cracked hoses or damaged parts that could lead to a slippery slope of expensive repairs.

Since your Volkswagen provides an ultra-smooth cruise that’s hard to find elsewhere, so why risk damaging your ride from neglecting basic repairs. Instead, schedule your Volkswagen electric car service online today at Volkswagen of North Tampa in Tampa, FL to get started with keeping your cruises in premium condition.

What Happens During a VW Inspection and Service?

Even though you no longer need to worry about typical gas-powered issues like oil changes, your Volkswagen electric vehicles still require inspection to help ensure everything is in running order. The standard EV inspection takes a look at your battery to help ensure it’s not nearing its end (and about to leave you stranded in an inconvenient area). Also, our pros will examine your tires to help check that your tread sits at a healthy level and that you’ll have enough grip to help you safely take a turn or brake in time to avoid sliding out in the middle of an intersection. Lastly, our technicians perform a vehicle diagnostic test to double check that they spot no critical red flags.

Also, don’t forget to schedule most of the services you received with your gas-powered vehicle. After all, you still have brakes consisting of rotors, pads, and calipers to help you stop before a fender bender—so pay us a visit when you start hearing issues. However, on the bright side, regenerative braking usually means you’ll visit us less with your EV (it’s not uncommon to hear of drivers cruising more than 100,000 miles between brake changes)—but anything can happen, so make sure you’re getting your inspections at the least.

Next, you’ll want to visit us before your scheduled inspection if you notice your tire tread seems dangerously low since you’ll need a replacement. The old penny trick still works too, insert your coin head-first into your tire grooves—can you see the top of Honest Abe’s head? Then it’s time for a new set of tires.

Electric Volkswagen Service

When Should I Consider Scheduling Service?

As a rule of thumb, you’ll want to schedule VW electric car maintenance after your first 10,000 miles (or one year) for minor inspections, followed by 20,000-mile subsequent visits. For your standard inspections, you’ll want to start at your first 20,000 miles and follow with every 20,000 miles afterward (or two years if you don’t reach the mileage first).

Even if you keep up with inspections, you’ll still want to care for your vehicle outside our service center to help keep your cruises peaked. For example, try to keep your battery charged between 20-80 percent to prolong its life as long as possible. Also, for commuting, riding near a 0% charge will hurt your power source in the long haul, so try to top off your charges overnight if you’re running low.

Why Pick a VW Service Center for Maintenance?

If you drive a vehicle like the Volkswagen ID.4, you’ll want to help ensure it rides as smooth as the day you drove it home, right? So schedule service with us, where certified and factory-trained experts who know VW models inside and out will work on your ride to help ensure precision and quality in your repairs.

Also, we install genuine OEM Volkswagen parts when possible after repairs. This means you already know you can trust the quality since the product comes from a trusted source with protections like a free repair/replacement of defective parts and accessories for one year/12,000 miles for full peace of mind. By contrast, you never know the quality you’ll get with third-party products at generic garages, and you can already imagine the frustrations of a part malfunctioning miles after installation without a warranty. So, play it safe and schedule service with us (a trusted Volkswagen service center) when you need repairs.

Premium Service Awaits: Visit Us in Tampa, FL

Need electric VW car repair today? Schedule service in seconds at the Volkswagen of North Tampa service department, and let our certified and factory-trained professionals handle the rest. While you’re here, your needs always come first, so let us know if you have any questions about the specific service of an EV or about a specific issue in your vehicle—we’re always happy to assist as your local VW service center in Tampa, FL.