Why is a Volkswagen Oil Change Important?

Why is a Volkswagen Oil Change Important?

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Routine Maintenance on Demand

Finding a reputable auto repair shop for routine maintenance is easy with Volkswagen of North Tampa right around the corner. We house a state-of-the-art VW service center with highly-qualified certified technicians willing to go the extra mile to enhance your fuel economy and performance. Our VW service center offers an extensive menu of services that include transmission repairs, wheel alignments, brake inspections, tire replacements, car AC service and more.

We also specialize in oil and filter changes for all makes and models. If it’s time for routine maintenance, schedule service online at our VW dealership in Tampa, FL, to see how we differ from the rest.

The Benefits of a Volkswagen Oil Change

Having your Volkswagen oil changed on a regular basis is essential to keep enjoying the smooth handling, performance and fuel-efficient savings at the pump. Volkswagen oil filter change ensures that the engine components of your vehicle are properly lubricated and free from sludgy motor oil that is riddled with dirt, debris and particles.

Over time, it’s natural for your vehicle’s engine oil to break down and become thick and dirty. The sludge develops inhibits the vehicle’s ability to lubricate your engine parts. When you schedule a Volkswagen oil change in Tampa, FL, at our premier VW service center, our technicians take the time to inspect all working components, including the engine air filter, oil drain pan or oil pan, the oil drain plug and the amount of oil your vehicle consumes.

When you stay on top of checking the oil level and scheduling a Volkswagen oil filter change, you can reduce the risk of damaging engine parts that could lead to costly repairs. You’ll also notice that a regular Volkswagen oil change can help to boost how your vehicle performs.

The Types of Oil Changes

You have plenty of choices when scheduling an oil and filter change at our Volkswagen dealership in Tampa, FL. Volkswagen of Tampa Bay technicians will meet with you personally to discuss your options for a Volkswagen oil change based on recommendations from your manufacturer as listed in your owner’s manual.

When choosing the best types of oil change, it’s best to know what type of vehicle is best for each choice. Conventional oil is the most common and is designated for vehicles that are light duty, feature low miles and have a simple engine design. Our team will remove the oil, remove the filter and replace the oil while also checking to see if your vehicle needs a Volkswagen air filter change.

Another type of oil and filter change involves using full synthetic oil. Although this type of Volkswagen oil change is a bit more expensive, it is the best option if you drive a heavy duty vehicle that tows and hauls. Full synthetic oil offers extra protection by resisting thermal breakdown while resisting oxidation.

You can also opt for a Volkswagen oil change with synthetic blend oil. This oil features a combination of full synthetic and conventional oil and offers you the resistance you need to handle harsh temperatures and oxidation. If your vehicle has more than 75,000 miles, we recommend high mileage oil to help minimize leaks, reduce emissions and reduce smoke.

The Right Time to Schedule VW Oil Changes

All vehicles are different when it comes to timelines for oil and filter changes, but on average, most require service every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. This timeline can change, though, based on your driving conditions and your driving habits. At Volkswagen of Tampa Bay, we will create a customized VW maintenance schedule to help you stay on top of necessary auto repairs, including a Volkswagen air filter change and Volkswagen oil filter change.

We also offer tips for preventative maintenance, show you how to locate the oil to check the levels and recommend accessories available from our on-site auto parts store to help you customize your vehicle. We are your friend in the automotive business and pass on the savings to you with monthly service and parts specials.

Schedule a Volkswagen Oil Change Online

Offering convenience and high-quality work, Volkswagen of Tampa Bay makes it easy to schedule an oil and filter change. Access our website to schedule service while choosing a day or time that works best with your schedule. You can also contact our service advisors to discuss any concerns you may be having with your vehicle.

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